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Introducing completely outfitted 2x2 and 2x3 video wall solutions for single-source, multi-source, and touch-interactive applications.

These Visualization Walls provide everything you need right on down to the cable ties for many common configurations and uses.

The single-source option is an ideal starting place for basic applications like a corporate lobby or retail space where you want to prestigiously display content from one device. The multi-source option is well-suited for a corporate meeting space or command-and-control environment where simultaneous visualization of content from multiple workstations, cloud-based data streams, and networked devices like IP cameras is critical. The multi-source option can be further enhanced with touch interactivity, making it possible to call up sources, place them where you like, resize them, and even control them through intuitive gestures, right from the wall, putting the big picture within reach.

Each Visualization Wall will include an equipment and materials checklist, a system drawing, and quick-start instructions to fully support technicians and users through every aspect of installation and operation. Visualization Walls are true end-to-end solutions optimized for efficiency and profitability.

These 2x2 and 2x3 Visualization Walls are available in four styles - wall mount, ceiling mount, floor mount, or roll around cart.
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